Lumps & Bumps:
Causes, Symptoms
& Treatments

Can Lumps, Bumps And Growths Be Prevented? Plus Icon

Prevention of skin growths isn’t always possible and depends upon the type of lump or bump. Once your practitioner has diagnosed the type of skin growth you have, they will also be able to advise whether there is anything to help prevent the condition recurring.

What Are These Bumps On My Arms? Plus Icon

The little bumps in the skin on the back of your arms could be caused by a common condition called keratosis pilaris (often referred to as ‘chicken skin.’) It may also affect the skin on your thighs, face and buttocks, and is caused by a buildup of keratin in the hair follicles. It is not a serious or harmful condition and it isn’t contagious.

What Causes Itchy Bumps On The Skin? Plus Icon

Itchy lumps and bumps on the skin are usually caused by dermatitis such as eczema or psoriasis. They may also be an allergic reaction to washing powder, cosmetics, skin products, perfumes, pets or plants.

Natural Remedies for Lumps & Bumps

Improving the overall texture and condition of your skin can help alleviate lumps and bumps. Regular exfoliation and use of natural, gentle moisturisers such as coconut oil and aloe vera can help to soften the skin and avoid buildup of dead skin cells.

Treatments for Lumps & Bumps

Surgical Excision

Typically used to remove moles and even warts or skin tags, this method involves using a sharp scalpel to cut out the skin growth.


This method involves liquid nitrogen being used to essentially freeze off the skin growth.

Laser Removal

A high-precision laser beam is used to target the cells of the skin growth, breaking them down using thermal energy.


A hyfrecator is a very precise instrument which delivers low energy electrical pulses to cauterise tissue.
Medication: Physical removal of some lumps and bumps is not always suitable. In these instances, a dermatologist may be able to prescribe medication to effectively treat the condition.

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